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This Many Boyfriends – (I Should Be A) Communist

Ah, jaunty, toe-tapping indipop that takes you to a musical time before the Berlin Wall came down. The Leeds foursome, This Many Boyfriends, have been compared to The Smiths and The Housemartins, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If Morrissey had decided to throw out his complete works of Oscar Wilde and gone for a drink down the student bar with his mates, then this is how the Smiths would have sounded.


The fact that ‘(I Should Be A) Communist’ is such a bloody perfect pop song almost counts against it and makes it a pastiche. It has a great, simple beat, with a deep bass line and jangly guitars, catchy vocals and a few ahhs on the outro and the whole song in and out in 2:10. This band makes pop look effortless; exactly as it should be.


Communism, that dead political duck, needs a bit of a renaissance, but maybe with Stalin, that mass murdering fucker, re-spun as a Charlie Chaplin figure of fun.


Oh, and any song with brackets in the titles is alright in my book (maybe Back Street Indie could do a Jukebox of bracketed songs (or maybe I should ‘(Get a) Grip (On Myself)’)?


‘(I Should Be A) Communist’ is released on May 21st on the Angular Recording Corporation Label.


The video:


This review appeared on Backstreet Indie 20/05/2012:


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