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Tu Fawning – Anchor

‘Anchor’ is the latest single from Portland, Oregan based quartet (two men, two women; imagine Abba as German nihilists) Tu Fawning. Tu Fawning have made a name for their selves with moody, stark, indie based rock whose influences are diverse.

‘Anchor’ opens with menacing drums that evoke marauding Vikings (think theme tune to Mastermind) which is then over laden with electronics that come straight from the ‘80s, and a chorus of sirens invoking a storm sky. When the solo singer kicks in with a plaintive, longing vocal, I think I am in for a treat. There is a Teutonic feel to the sound; the edge slightly blunted by the sweet vocal. But over the just sub five minutes I am left feeling slightly deflated. It was a great start but it didn’t take me anywhere. There is an anti-climax to ‘Anchor’, like a Viking ship pulling desperately at its moorings to escape port.

But there is enough here to intrigue me to search out the latest album ‘A Monument’, which was released May 7th.

Watch the video to Anchor:

This review appeared Backstreet Indie 01/05/2012:


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