Music Reviews

Jesse Jackson – American Amalgamation

  I’ve been waiting for a release from Jesse Jackson for six years; sure I’ve been fed titbits from My Space and You Tube, but I wanted the real deal, and finally it’s come... Back in 2006 I spent Spring in Miami and went along to the annual Carnaval on the Mile – a celebration… Continue reading Jesse Jackson – American Amalgamation

Short Stories

The Devil Came Up To Grimesford

She wasn’t much of an exotic dancer, our Betty; she waved her feathers about more like Ken Dodd than Gypsy Rose Lee, but you had to give her an ‘A’ for effort. Everybody knew Betty from Gallagher’s fish market. She always wore a striped apron covered in fish scales like some battered mermaid. She wasn’t… Continue reading The Devil Came Up To Grimesford

Music Reviews

Hugh Cornwell – Totem and Taboo

Incredibly, it’s been 22 years since Hugh Cornwell left The Stranglers. With his former band he released 10 studio albums in 14 years, with Totem and Taboo he is releasing his ninth solo album. Hugh has always been an intellectual, often ignored in his punk roots, and has an urbanity and eccentricity about him akin… Continue reading Hugh Cornwell – Totem and Taboo