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No More Heroes

This was a short story I wrote way back in 1995; but I still think it works, in an obvious Clockwork Orange sort of way.... VIDEO SHAKESPEARE ENTRY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL LASCIATE OGNI SPERANZA VOI CH’ENTRATE   This is my last year before moving up and I am sure, as sure as Wolverhampton Wanderers are… Continue reading No More Heroes

Music Reviews

The Danse Society: Scarey Tales – Album Review

The Danse Society were one of the most interesting Positive Punk/G|oth bands to emerge from the early ‘80s – if you haven’t heard their 1982 release Seduction, then track it down, it’s a classic from that period – and they were one of the few bands to flirt with mainstream success. They split in 1986… Continue reading The Danse Society: Scarey Tales – Album Review