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The Clash – Hits Back

The Clash are busy. Two new collections are released this month. Here. Louder Than War reviews Hits Back for you. Having a Clash compilation to review should be easy. I’ve been listening to them, been inspired by them, ever since I heard my older brother playing them over 30 years ago. These are songs that… Continue reading The Clash – Hits Back

Music Reviews, Non-Fiction

The Otherness: The Other Side Of Rock

Once upon a time rock ruled the airwaves and the charts. Once upon a time rock was only taken seriously if it was performed by American or British bands. Much has been written about the death of rock. Personally I’ve always felt rock should be out on the edge of culture, that it should appeal… Continue reading The Otherness: The Other Side Of Rock

Music Reviews, Non-Fiction

Jeffrey Lewis & The Rain: WWPRD EP

Jeffrey Lewis new release – WWPRD – celebrates Pussy Riot and calls on all artists to take a moral stand. Pussy Riot became a cause célèbre in 2012 when they were jailed for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred in Russia. But the celebres in questions were the punk hegemony, not the celebrities of the mass… Continue reading Jeffrey Lewis & The Rain: WWPRD EP