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The Otherness: The Other Side Of Rock


Once upon a time rock ruled the airwaves and the charts.

Once upon a time rock was only taken seriously if it was performed by American or British bands.

Much has been written about the death of rock. Personally I’ve always felt rock should be out on the edge of culture, that it should appeal to the outcasts and the disenfranchised, to the teenager in all of us. So I say let rock become a sub-culture, and let the masses enjoy their X-Factor shit.

It’s also something of a myth that rock is only good when performed by Americans or British bands. The French have always had a great rock scene that largely goes ignored by English speaking countries because, well, they sing in French and English speaking people tend to be the laziest of language linguists. Go digging in other countries rock strata and you’ll find gold. Which brings me to The Otherness.

The Otherness hail from Argentina and play music that streams direct from the early Sixties, mixed with early punk, and a smidgeon of ‘80s alternative. It’s hard to pin them down exactly – which is how it should be. Who wants generic? We use musical genres in order to stereotype and to make it easy for us to stay in a rut. It’s like the Amazon mantra: if you like this, you’ll like this. Well, bollocks to that. Try something new every day.

All I know from listening to The Otherness is they make my foot tap and feel good. Their rhythms bounce along beautifully and lyrically they invoke sun-drenched ghettos.

Unfortunately, I’ve just discovered them as they had back across the ocean to Argentina after a tour of the UK. But I’m informed that they are heading back for gigs/festivals in 2014 and will definitely be taking time to check them out live. You should too.

Do yourself a favour and check them out.

The Otherness on Facebook

The Otherness on Twitter

The Otherness on Soundcloud


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