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Eagulls – Ullages

Sophomore release from Leeds post-punk band

Following up on their 2014 debut with Ullages (an anagram of their name), Eagulls have refined their sound without losing any of their intensity. The brittle bass is overlaid with jangling pop guitar, pounding drums and vocals that sound just on the edge of desperation. It’s a mixture of The Cure and the Cocteau Twins. A post-punk sound so impressive that these songs could have been playing on record players in the early 80s. That’s not to say there isn’t a modern twist; songs like Heads or Tails, Euphoria, and the epic Skipping bristle with the sound of ungentrified cityscapes of this broken land. The Eagulls take inspiration for their sound from a bleak past to show up the bleakness of our own times. They are one of the few bands around today worth listening to.

This review first appeared in Louder Than War magazine issue 4, May/June 2016


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