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Megaflora: Redwoods album review

MEGAFLORA: REDWOODS  a2742126997_10
Mini-album from indie-punks

Punk, like most genres, fell into the trap of cliché. But punk was always more than aggression, violence, and speed, so it’s refreshing when a group of London punks release an album of jangly indie-pop. What punk was about was protesting and rebelling and lyrically Megaflora tackle issues of modern day anxiety and social and environmental pressures. The guitars strum and jangle in indie style and the vocals often call and respond between male and female to make a perfect indie pop sound. Anxious is like a punk song written by Orange Juice and Progress, with its bass and drum led sound, could be early Pixies. There is a 60s sensibility mixed with 80s indie that works very well and soon has you nodding your head and singing along. More shoe gaze than boot stomping. A band to watch.


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