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Sleigh Bells: Jessica Rabbit Album Review

SLEIGH BELLShomepage_large-8fe9d822
First album in three years from NY duo

Sleigh Bells, Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, have spent the last three years working on songs for this, their fourth album. It’s not only a mash up of styles, from techno, industrial, pop, noise and rock, but each song has weird time structures and rhythms, creating soundscapes that feel like soundtracks to noir cityscapes. Alexis’s voice ranges from 80s pop to angry young woman, backed up by the discordant beats. When it works it’s great; such as Hyper Dark with its staccato opening resolving into weird off beats that holds the interest, and Crucible perfectly conjures up glitzy NY nightclubs with a hard underbelly. But not every song works, Baptism By Fire just sounds like twee pop. A worthy attempt to mix up genres that has some real gems on it.

This review appeared in Louder Than War Magazine Issue 7 Nov/Dec 2016


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