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This Becomes Us: Album Review

THIS BECOMES US r-9380273-1479558492-5610-jpeg
Debut solo album from Julia Ruzicka

This Becomes Us is the first solo project from Future Of The Left’s Julia Ruzicka, who has co-opted nine different vocalists for the album, including Guy McKnight (The Eighties B-Line Matchbox Disaster) and Black Francis (Pixies). The bass is blistering and, though the vocalists each bring something unique to each song, there is a cohesiveness to the album which is interwoven with a heavy darkness that alternates between melancholic melody and downright evilness. It’s a mix of hardcore, noise and post-punk anchored by Ruzicka’s thundering bass. That it is at times also beautiful, is testament to a songwriter who knows how to add nuance to aggression and use emotion other than screaming. The album has been doing heavy rotation on my stereo since first hearing it. This is what grooves were made for.

Review published in Louder Than War Magazine Issue 7 Nov/Dec 2016


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