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Mick Harvey: Intoxicated Women album review

MICK HARVEY MickHarvey_IntoxicatedWomen_Packshot-262x262
Harvey translates Serge Gainsbourg

This is Harvey’s fourth, and final, installment of his translation versions of Serge Gainsbourg. This one is mainly male/female duets from the 60s and Harvey is joined by such chanteuses as Andrea Schroeder who provides a thrilling version of ‘Je T’aime… (Moi non plus)’ rendered into German as ‘Ich Liebe Dich… (Ich Dich Auch Nicht)’. Harvey brings a cool, no nonsense approach to the songs (some of which will be new to even French ears), providing a lush soundscape that conjures up a melancholy of sorts, a nostalgia for our own dissipated dreams and romances. Prévert’s Song, for instance, is redolent of Autumn Sundays, watching leaves falling whilst recalling the past. It’s music to wallow in. Intoxicated Women is a great end to a great series. An album to discover new passions, and remember lost ones.

This review first published in Louder Than War magazine issue 8.


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