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The Last Shadow Puppets: Dream Synopsis EP review

THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS the_shadow_puppets_the__dream_synopsis_ep_packshot
EP of favourites and covers

The EP, recorded live in a day, includes new versions of album favourites Aviation and The Dream Synopsis, with covers of Jacques Dutronc, The Fall, Glaxo Babies and Leonard Cohen. Whilst this may sound a diverse bunch The Last Shadow Puppets cover them with a sleazy mix of garage 60s psych-rock and louche drag-hounds. It comes across as a mix between Naz Nomad, Lux Interior and Bryan Ferry. The Fall’s Totally Wired is a blast. Cohen’s classic, Is This What You Wanted, is turned into a morning after the night before song. The singer slumped over the piano, cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, tie askew, wondering where it all went wrong. By the sound of it the group had great fun recording these tracks and they’re great fun to listen to.

This review first appeared in Louder Than War magazine, issue 8


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