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Love & Rockets: Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven – re-release review

LOVE AND ROCKETSR-386618-1417632015-8214.jpeg
1985 debut release gets Blu-Ray Audio treatment

If the legion of Bauhaus fans who bought Love & Rockets debut were expecting dark goth from David J, Danial Ash and Kevin Haskins, then they must have gone batty when they heard it. This was psychedelia from another world, more Syd Barrett than Bela Lugosi. It stands outside of time, a glorious, otherworldly listen, with beautiful soundscapes produced by John Rivers. The rhythms are relentless, such as on the classic Haunted, that create a trance like ambience. It shimmers and drips with colour. The band would conquer America on College Radio but, for some reason, failed to set the UK on fire. Listening to it now it sounds like a forgotten classic.

Trivia note: Danny Hopkins, credited for Tea and Sympathy, was renowned drummer for post-punk outfit Isolation.

This review first appeared in Louder Than War Magazine issue 9. 


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