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Tracey Thorn: Record album review

TRACEY THORNTracey Record.jpg
Electro-pop return for Thorn

Tracey Thorn’s first album of entirely new material for seven years, finds her in electro-pop mood and feminist defiance. Opener Queen is a great dance song, driven by Thorn’s vocals which are a mixture of bitter been there done that and the sweetness of yearning and hope. Air – with its 80s groove – is about finding a place as a woman where she can breathe. On Guitar, Thorn remembers kissing the cool kid with the guitar, before realising she could get a guitar and be cool herself. Face is a beautiful song about the restrictions of moving on when you can endlessly view your ex’s social media page. The centrepiece, Sister, is a nine-minute disco jam dub; a bellicose, no surrender of a song. Thorn shines a distinctive light on society, whilst never forgetting a great dance beat.

This review first appeared in Louder Than War magazine, issue 14, Feb/March 2018



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