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Mint Field: Pasar De Las Luces album review

MINT FIELD MI0004385317
Shoe gaze Tijuana style

From the opening track, El Parque Parecía No Tener Fin, with its dreamy echoes, you know it’s time to sit back and ponder. Mint Field, hailing from Tijuana, have created an album of beautiful textures that alternates between shoegaze, indie and thrash. Ojos En El Carro is like a recurrent dream we can’t shake but can’t grasp either with a thrash that is like a storm exploding over a sunny day. Viceversa recalls the blissful moments of youth. Moments we aren’t aware of until they are gone and slip into unreliable memory, waiting for a song to unlock them. Mint Field’s music makes us focus on the small things, slowed down, for the few minutes of haunting music, that turn the everyday into something poignant. This is music to lose and find yourself to.

This review first appeared in Louder Than War magazine, issue 15, April/May 2018


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