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Jenny Wilson  Exorcism (Gold Medal Recordings) Vinyl/CD/DL Released: 20 April, 2018 9/10 Uncompromising album recounting an horrific sexual assault the artist. There is a long tradition of artists using their art in a cathartic way; to take a traumatic event in their lives and attempt to understand it and expunge it by creating art, music… Continue reading JENNY WILSON: EXORCISM ALBUM REVIEW

Music Reviews

Pale Waves: All The Things I Never Said

PALE WAVES  ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID EP DIRTY HIT RECORDS It’s the 80s revisited. 7/10 Manchester based Pale Waves have been creating something of a stir recently and will release their debut album later this year. If this EP is a taster for that album then prepare to go back to the 80s… Continue reading Pale Waves: All The Things I Never Said