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Angélique Kidjo: Remain In Light Album Review

Angélique Kidjo  Remain In Light (Kravenwork Records) CD/DL Released: 8 June, 2018 8/10 Talking Heads’ 1980’s classic Remain In Light re-imagined and paid homage to. Rock music wasn’t born in Tupelo in 1935 to white parents, but the rhythms came from Africa, borne across the seas on slave ships, in the holds of shit, sweat,… Continue reading Angélique Kidjo: Remain In Light Album Review

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Youth Man: Five Songs EP review

YOUTH MAN  FIVE SONGS (ALCOPOP!) Birmingham punks give five. 8/10 This EP sees Youth Man going in a more diverse, thoughtful direction. It’s a fusion of styles rather than straight out punk. Musically it’s an amalgam of sounds and styles working together to create a myriad soundscape. It’s industrial decay splattered with poetry like aural… Continue reading Youth Man: Five Songs EP review

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Mourn: Sorpresa Familia album review

MOURN SORPRESA FAMILIA (CAPTURED TRACKS) Catalan band turn anger into rhythm. 8/10 Mourn’s debut album in 2013 was released to much acclaim, but then they were caught in a legal dispute with their label. Sorpresa Familia sees them addressing their frustrations with musical resolution. There are jerky rhythms, with post-punk tension, giving a darker, and more… Continue reading Mourn: Sorpresa Familia album review