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Anarchistwood: The Nasty Album – album review

Anarchistwood The Nasty Album (Ex-Gratia Recordings) CD/Vinyl/DL Out Now 08/10 Anarchistwood prove there’s still life in anarchy. You would be forgiven for thinking that anarcho-punk, as epitomised by Crass, had its death throes sometime in the late 80s. But, just as dissent and rebellion have become a hidden, ignored or just plain ridiculed by the… Continue reading Anarchistwood: The Nasty Album – album review

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The Clash – Hits Back

The Clash are busy. Two new collections are released this month. Here. Louder Than War reviews Hits Back for you. Having a Clash compilation to review should be easy. I’ve been listening to them, been inspired by them, ever since I heard my older brother playing them over 30 years ago. These are songs that… Continue reading The Clash – Hits Back

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The Danse Society: Scarey Tales – Album Review

The Danse Society were one of the most interesting Positive Punk/G|oth bands to emerge from the early ‘80s – if you haven’t heard their 1982 release Seduction, then track it down, it’s a classic from that period – and they were one of the few bands to flirt with mainstream success. They split in 1986… Continue reading The Danse Society: Scarey Tales – Album Review

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Hugh Cornwell – Totem and Taboo

Incredibly, it’s been 22 years since Hugh Cornwell left The Stranglers. With his former band he released 10 studio albums in 14 years, with Totem and Taboo he is releasing his ninth solo album. Hugh has always been an intellectual, often ignored in his punk roots, and has an urbanity and eccentricity about him akin… Continue reading Hugh Cornwell – Totem and Taboo